Plastic pipe

Seals for drinking water pipes and drainage systems in structural, civil and underground engineering

Concrete pipe/manholes

Elastomer seals for pipes, shafts and special concrete constructions

Industrial profiles

Extruded rubber profiles, window and facade seals, hoses, motor vehicle profiles, and much more

Customised solutions

Elastomer moulded parts according to customer drawings, rubber-metal connections, and injection-moulded components

Industrial profiles,
professional extrusion profiles for the industrial sector

Facade constructions

Rubber profiles are perfectly suitable for facade constructions due to their weathering resistance. The production takes place exactly according to customer specifications, according to DIN 7863.

Window construction

Insulating and weather-resistant rubber profiles for window construction. Available with printing and thread inlays as well as in siliconised form. Manufactured in compliance with DIN 7863.

Pipe fixtures

Ideal for structural engineering: firm securement of pipe brackets, effective acoustic insulation, high functionality and economy in use.

Sectional and rolling shutter gates

Increased safety with sectional and rolling shutter gates with customised M.O.L rubber seals, e.g., with hollow profiles for the installation of sensors.

Technical profiles & hoses

Extremely durable, wide range of applications, designed for diverse thermal/mechanical stresses, dust and moisture protection, insulation and moisture transport.

Solar systems/skating rinks

EPDM rubber profiles e.g. for eco-friendly solar heating of swimming pool water or cooling of mobile skating rinks – durable and reliable.