Integra S

Integrated concrete manhole sealing | Ø 1000-1500 mm

The M.O.L INTEGRA S concrete manhole sealing is fixed and integrated into the sleeve and guarantees safe, functional connection of concrete manholes in accordance with DIN EN 1917 and DIN V 4034-1. The INTEGRA S seal also fulfils the requirements pursuant to DIN EN681-1 and FBS quality guideline QR 4060.


The material used (styrene-butadiene rubber SBR) is excellent for use in the waste water sector and corresponds to standard DIN EN 681-1 WC 50. Our INTEGRA S seal is tested and quality controlled by MPA NRW (Dortmund).

Creating pipework

Pull the INTEGRA S seal over the cleaned lower sleeve. The lower sleeve should be lightly greased and the prestress should be evenly distributed. Fill the sleeve with concrete and begin the sealing work. The concrete manhole can then be constructed in the usual fashion. After demoulding the concrete manhole, place the outer and inner support ring on the tip end and demould together with the lower sleeve once the concrete has hardened. Once the concrete is fully hardened, the concrete manhole with INTEGRA plug-in sleeve is ready for installation.

Notice on laying within manholes

Liberally apply a suitable lubricant (e.g. from M.O.L.) to the tip end and seal when laying in manholes. Place the concrete manhole ring centrally and press down if required.