System MTR

Wedge seals for concrete pipes

The M.O.L. concrete pipe system (MTR) is a rolling ring seal for concrete and reinforced concrete pipes. It is mounted to the tip end of the pipe and guarantees a safe, functional connection according to DIN EN 1916 and DIN V 1201. The MTR seal also meets the requirements as per DIN EN 681-1.


The material used (styrene-butadiene rubber SBR) is excellent for use in the waste water sector and corresponds to standard DIN EN 681-1 WC. The MTR seal is tested and quality controlled by Benor Belgium and Kiwa Netherlands.

Creating pipework

Pull the MTR seal over the cleaned tip end of the pipe and position right at the start as depicted. The tension of the seal can be compensated for by means of selective lifting and releasing.

Notice on pipe laying

Apply lubricant (e.g. from M.O.L) to the surface of the sleeve when installing the pipe. Centre the tip end in the bell and pull the pipes together.