Injection moulding
Everything from a single tool

Injection moulding represents one of our long-standing core competencies. Decades of experience and evolving expertise in the field of raw materials and processes have made MOL one of the leading providers in the sector. From an economic perspective the high tooling costs of injection moulding mean that it is predestined for mass production. Here the full potential of the process is realised by its unmatched precision even with lot sizes running into the millions. Moreover, speed and ready-for-use production are also important advantages. The product is moulded in one piece and does not require any complex subsequent rework, which means tremendous time and cost savings. We have state-of-the art, partly, and fully automated machinery that employs a computer-controlled process tracking system and handles an injection volume of 4 to 12 litres. With the injection moulding (horizontal and vertical machines, 2-component machines) and injection transfer moulding (ITM) processes, we are your expert partner for fulfilling the highest customer standards.

Customised, infinite possibilities

Rubber extrusion is a particularly attractive production process due to its tremendously varied possibilities and economic feasibility. Our extrusion products are used as industrial profiles in numerous sectors and are very popular on the European market due to their excellent quality. Our customers particularly appreciate the high flexibility that characterises our company in fulfilling individual customer requirements and wishes. High manufacturing precision and economic feasibility in the production process are the result of our intensive development work, and they are guaranteed by process-optimised and efficient die designs. A decisive factor here is tool making, which enables us to fulfil our own high precision requirements in the best possible manner. Guaranteeing quality is a daily challenge that we take on and accomplish by continuously investing in research and modern production methods. For example we are therefore able to combine different raw materials of different hardness into a single profile via the co-extrusion process. These are the very best prerequisites for permanently supplying our customers with innovative and durable products with the highest standards of quality.

Compounding - Mixing Plant
It’s all in the mix.

Rubber is truly a very special substance. Its distinctive feature is its resilience and elasticity. But even other properties, e.g., weathering-resistance, chemical resistance, compression set and flexibility at low temperatures can be adjusted within the compound formula. Each rubber product is made of a special mixture. The rubber compound often determines the applications and the quality of the end-products.

We develop and produce elastomer-compounds in our own mixing facility, or obtain these from well-known European compounding experts.

Our equipment is state of the art! Our mixing facility in Vechta is equipped with state-of-the-art systems, e.g., the core of the system, the internal mixer (heavy duty mixer) from HF Harburg Freudenberger, or the batch-off system from VMI. All processes in the mixing process and even the formulation management are controlled and monitored by the central computer supplied by CT-Datentechnik.