Integra Anker

for concrete pipes | Ø 300-1200 mm

The M.O.L. Integra Anker concrete pipe seal is integrated into the socket with double anchoring and guarantees a firm, reliable connection between concrete pipes and reinforced concrete pipes in compliance with DIN EN 1916. In addition the Integra Anker seal meets the requirements of DIN EN 681-1 and the FBS quality guideline QR 4060.


The seal is made of SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber) which is ideal for use in sewage systems and complies with the requirements of the DIN EN 681-1 WC 50 standard (Hardness 50 ± 5 IRHD). Our Integra Anker seal is tested and inspected for quality by MPA NRW (Dortmund).

Pipe manufacture

Fit the Integra Anker seal onto the cleaned base ring. The base ring should be lightly oiled. Now set the aid profile and position. Subsequently cast the concrete pipe in the customary manner. After removing the pipe from the form, place the outer and inner support ring onto the spigot and wait until the concrete has set. Then remove the support ring, pull the spigot to the centre and remove the aid profile.

Note for pipe installation

Before joining the pipes, grease the spigot and seal sufficiently with a suitable lubricant (also available from M.O.L.). Centre and insert the spigot into the socket and pull the pipes together.