System SK

Lip-Seal-Ring | Ø 110-630 mm

The SYSTEM SK lip seal ring with reinforcing ring (PP) is developed for plastic pipes and fittings in compliance with EN 1451-1 (DIN 19560) and EN 1401-1 (DIN 19531/DIN 19534). The socket dimensions recommended by M.O.L. apply as well as for other pipe systems.

SYSTEM SK seals have outstanding properties and meet the requirements of DIN-EN 681-1 WC. The quality is regularly monitored by: MPA NRW Dortmund, KIWA KOMO.

High-quality EPDM with excellent rubber properties to EN 681-1

Lip seal ring with reinforcing ring (PP)

Integral seal with firm fit of the sealing ring in the socket

Excellent connecting properties, the connection forces are very low, even non-chamfered pipes can be connected easily

The leak tightness required by EN 1277 under positive and negative pressure is exceeded by far

The outstanding elasticity of the rubber seal ensures a durable sealing effect

External monitoring by the MPA-NRW/KIWA KOMO