System DD

Lip-Seal-Ring | Ø 32-315 mm

The SYSTEM DD lip seal ring with reinforcing ring (PP) is developed for plastic pipes and fittings made of PP and PVC in compliance with EN 1451-1 and EN 1401-1 and meets the requirements of EN 681-1 WC. The socket dimensions recommended by M.O.L. apply as well as for other pipe systems. The SYSTEM DD seal features two sealing lips which provide double safety. This is a decisive advantage in comparison to conventional single-lip systems, especially in the building sector. Another feature is the reinforcing ring which permits the use of a soft raw material compound and guarantees a firm fit in the socket.

The soft rubber compound (SBR 40 ± 5 IRHD) presses into any rough surfaces on the pipe wall when the pipes are connected to ensure a high level of sealing reliability. In addition the softer lips ensure excellent connecting properties. A reinforcing ring of non-cracking polypropylene is fitted to provide sufficient stability for the SYSTEM DD seal in the socket. This prevents the seal being pushed out when the pipes are laid. The seal is mainly used for building applications (high-temperature resistance sewage pipes), but the SYSTEM DD seal can also be used for sewage pipes.

The outstanding long-term elasticity of the rubber seal ensures a durable sealing effect

The seal is not pushed out when the pipes are laid

Use of the latest technologies guarantees an optimum costbenefit ratio

A long-term experience and monitored quality systems (including DIN ISO 9001:2008) guarantee the highest possible safety and reliability

Firm fit in the socket

Excellent connecting properties

Available in a number of nominal widths (32 to 315 mm), some also available in two different widths

External monitoring by the MPA-NRW/KIWA KOMO