System BA-M

Concrete connecting collar | Ø ab 110 mm

The M.O.L. concrete connecting collar BA-M guarantees the functionally safe connection of pipes made of different materials such as PVC, PE, concrete, cast iron and stoneware on shaft components or pipes made of concrete and reinforced concrete. In addition, the concrete connecting collar BA-M fulfils the requirements laid down in the DIN EN 681-1 and DIN 4060.


The material used, EPDM (ethylene propylene diene rubber) is eminently suitable for use in the wastewater sector, and accords with the DIN 681-1 WC 50 standard (hardness 50 ± 5 IRHD). Depending on its intended use, the product is also available in SBR and NBR.

Pipe manufacture

A core bore is required for installation of the concrete connecting collar BA-M, which varies depending on the size of the article. Installation can be conducted at the factory or on-site using core drill equipment. The installation of the BA-M into the bore takes place without the application of lubricating assembly equipment.