BA system - connection supports

The M.O.L. concrete connection supports (BA 150 and BA 200) are made from mineral-reinforced polypropylene and are suitable for connecting plastic pipes DN 150/DN200 to concrete pipes (DN 300/DN 400 and above - according to DIN EN 1916/DIN V 1201) and concrete manholes (according to DIN EN 1917/DIN V 4034-1).

The sealing element comprises a high-quality EPDM elastomer in accordance with EN 681-1.

The special design of the shaped piece prevents the connecting line sliding into the main pipe, thus ensuring a permanent, tightly-sealed connection.

The M.O.L. concrete connection supports have been granted general approval by building inspection authorities. DIBt no. Z -42.1-315

Assembly advice

A borehole of 186 +/- 1.8 mm is required for installing the concrete pipe collar BA 150; for the BA 200, a borehole of 226 +/- 2mm. Production can take place in the factory or on the construction site using a core dilling unit.

The drilling unit is to be fixed at a right angle to the pipe axis by means of a bracket or a drilling template.

The elastomer sealing element is inserted into the clean borehole without lubricant.

The tip end of the connection supports is then to be lubricated and inserted up to the mechanical stop.

Any commercially available plastic pipe can be connected to the connection supports.