System 3 S

Seal for pressure pipes | Ø 63-800 mm

The SYSTEM 3S lip seal ring is developed for pressure pipes and fittings in compliance with EN 1452 and EN 1456 and meets the requirements of EN 681-1, type WC.

The unique seal design with three lips ensures the best connecting properties and a reliable pipe connection. The first lip centres the end of the pipe, the second lip retains any contaminants and the third, large sealing lip optimally seals the pipe connection.

The outstanding long-term elasticity of the rubber seal ensures a durable sealing effect

The three-lip design minimises the connecting forces

The seal is not pushed out when the pipes are laid

Use of the latest technologies ensures an optimum costbenefit ratio

A long-term experience and monitored quality systems (including DIN ISO 9001:2008) guarantee the highest possible safety and reliability