System MSD-V

Pre-lubricated wedge seal for concrete manholes

The pre-lubricated M.O.L. concrete pipe seal system MSD-V is designed for concrete shafts and guarantees a reliable connection in compliance with DIN EN 1917 and DIN V 4034-1. The MSD-V seal also fulfils the requirements of DIN EN 681-1 and the FBS quality guideline QR 4060®.


Seal is made of SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber) which is ideal for use in sewage systems and complies with the requirements of the DIN EN 681-1 WC 40 (hardness 40 ± 5 IRHD). The MSD-V seal is tested and inspected for quality by MPA NRW (Dortmund).

Notes on installation

The socket and the spigot should be in a clean condition. Pull the MSD-V seal onto the spigot of the shaft ring so that the sliding coat of the seal points outwards.

Load transfer

When installing shaft structures, suitable load compensation (e.g. with a fresh layer of concrete) should be used.