Get flexibility

Our seals are found in virtually every building in Germany. For example you also find them in property drainage systems or in the sanitary facilities. Our products have been used for sealing and connecting pipes for more than forty years.

Today our products are also in demand around the world because our customers are located on all continents. Well-known construction projects utilise our flexible seals, for example in civil and underground engineering, in the sanitary industry, and in structural engineering which uses sealing profiles in complex facade systems.

Plastic pipe

Seals for drinking water pipes and drainage systems in structural, civil and underground engineering

Concrete pipe

Elastomer seals for pipes, shafts and special concrete constructions

Industrial profiles

Extruded rubber profiles, window and facade seals, hoses, motor vehicle profiles, and much more

Customised solutions

Elastomer moulded parts according to customer drawings, rubber-metal connections, and injection-moulded components