System MSD-LV

Pre lubricated seal for manholes with integrated load balance | Ø 800-1500 mm

The pre-lubricated M.O.L. concrete pipe seal system MSD-LV is designed for concrete shafts and guarantees a reliable connection in compliance with DIN EN 1917 and DIN V 4034-1. The integrated load balancing ring is a 2-chamber element filled with quartz sand which is used to compensate for unevenness of the concrete manhole rings. The MSD-LV seal fulfils the requirements of DIN EN 681-1 and the FBS quality guideline QR 4060® as well as the requirements of DIN V 4034-1 concerning the even, non-resilient transfer of loads.


Seal is made of EPDM which is ideal for use in sewage systems and complies with the requirements of the DIN EN 681-1 WC 40 (hardness 40 ± 5 IRHD or rather 70 ± 5 IRHD). The MSD-LV seal is tested and inspected for quality by MPA NRW (Dortmund).

Notes on installation

The socket and the spigot should be in a clean condition. Pull the MSD-LV seal onto the spigot of the shaft ring so that the sliding coat of the seal points outwards. Distribute the prestress evenly and ensure the seal is properly positioned. The load transfer take place through the integrated load balance ring.