Water is precious

Water is essential for humans and nature. Protecting is our motivation, and to make it possible is our mission, as the preservation and development of our modern civilisation requires a functional water cycle. Our elastomer sealing systems enable us to make a significant contribution to water conservation and the protection of our environment. As a partner of the pipe industry we collaborate with our customers to develop intelligent solutions geared to sustaining a perfect cycle in the drinking water and sewage piping sector which is individual and versatile. Our services, which range from development, die manufacture, production and goods delivery, cover the entire process chain. We place particular emphasis on the safety and quality of our products. Effective test routines are employed depending on the production process (injection moulding or extrusion) which ensure that our customers enjoy a consistent level of quality and a first-class product – entirely from one source.  

Extrusion process

Infinite possibilities

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Injection moulding

High-precision, customised solutions

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Safety through quality

Part of our philosophy

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