Extrusion: Infinite possibilities

Rubber extrusion is an production process mainly due to its tremendously varied possibilities and economy for small lot sizes. Our extrusion products are used as industrial profiles for many applications in various sectors and are very popular on the European market due to their excellent quality. Our customers particularly appreciate our outstanding flexibility in fulfilling their demands and wishes.
The high degree of manufacturing precision and economy in the production process are the result of our intensive development efforts and are guaranteed by the effective die designs which are geared fully to the process. A decisive factor is that we produce our own dies, which enables us to fulfil our own precision demands in an optimum manner. Guaranteeing quality is a daily challenge for us which we master with continuous investment in research and modern manufacturing methods. For example we are therefore able to combine various raw materials, hardnesses and colours in a single profile by means of co-extrusion. These are the very best prerequisites for supplying our customers with innovative and durable products with the highest quality standards on a permanent basis.

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